The Curate Marketplace Presents: Sarah Campbell

By Ryan O'Neil

Over the last 10 years, Sarah has become a leader in the wedding & event industry being called upon by a variety of media sources such as NBC, ABC, FOX as well as magazines, blogs and newspapers.

Her excitement for flowers and her passion for over the top design is apparent the moment you meet her. She loves sharing her strategies for success as much as she loves playing with flowers. She openly shares her talent and knowledge to a dedicated audience of over 100,000 designers through social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram. This pairing of passion and eagerness to share has positioned Sarah as one of the most sought after influencers within the floral design world. 

Sarah Campbell Intrigue Designs Curate Top Rated Florist Software vs Details Flowers Software

Sarah has several pieces on The Curate Marketplace, including a recipe sheet for this gorgeous 20 foot suspended wall installation, full of lisianthus, stock, spray roses, peonies, plumosa, eucalyptus, and babysbreath, includes details about hardgoods, staffing, and subcrontractors needed to pull it all together.

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