The Curate Marketplace Presents: Roses and Mint

By Ryan O'Neil

Roses & Mint is in our sixth year of creating floral art for our incredible couples. Based in St. Charles, MO, we love working with clients all over the Midwest (and beyond!). We offer both custom floral design and a la carte services, and design for around 175 couples each year. A natural, garden-inspired design is our jam though we love keeping our design skills sharp in every style.

Kira created this Roses & Mint family out of a passion for people, flowers, and LOVE. Now, we are a team of 15 passionate, quirky, flower-loving babes (with even more who join us on our busiest of weeks).

Both Kira and Sarah – Roses & Mint’s Creative Partner – believe there is room for everyone in this inspiring industry. Seeing the generosity of the Curate community in sharing resources and learning from each other adds to the excitement about where this wild world of wedding floristry is heading.

Roses and Mint Lush Bouquet Recipe Curate Florist Software Top Rated Florist Software vs Details Flowers Software

Roses and Mint is sharing the recipe for one of their favorites on The Curate Marketplace: a full and natural bouquet designed in their signature wide style, filled with all the flowers, textures and greenery from this couple's collection.




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