The Curate Marketplace Presents: Katiebug Floral

By Ryan O'Neil

KatieBug Florals is a wedding and event floral company that loves providing fun and unique florals for their clients. Growing up with a Grandma that was an avid gardener and a Mimi that was a savvy business owner, Katie knew she wanted to start her own business creating beautiful things with florals. In 2015, KatieBug Florals was official and has grown into a flourishing company that serves 45-60 weddings per year. Katie also has a passion for education and sharing her knowledge with fellow florists. She loves the camaraderie of the local industry and the community over competition initiatives. 

6 foot floral hoop from katiebug floral on the curate marketplace; curate is the leading software solution for florists who do weddings and events

Katiebug Florals has a recipe and specific details for designing this gorgeous 6 Foot Floral Hoop available for download on The Curate Marketplace with many more tutorials and recipes on the way!


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