The Curate Marketplace Presents: Jenny Thomasson

By Ryan O'Neil

As an entrepreneur, Jenny Thomasson opened up her own flower shop in St. Louis, immersed herself in the retail and event florist world, and developed a pulse of how the industry lives. 4 years ago, her passion for educating paved the way for Jenny T Floristry to be born.

Jenny is a contributor on the elite education team of Teleflora, travels throughout the country and presents inspiring education programs, training sessions and workshops to multiple audiences. She also teaches at the DrD School of Floristry in Dallas, Texas throughout the year.

Jenny’s favorite thing about the industry is its constant change and shift and doing work that encompasses an entire range of styles, colors, trends, seasons, varieties, people, and locations. All of these modifications demand the attention of greater pursuit of inspiration, forcing herself to think in new and creative ways on a daily basis and create unapologetically.

The biggest shift she sees in the market right now is an increased demand of education and experiences by professionals and upcoming florists. Workshops with hands on immersive environments have (and continue to be) the most popular avenue of educating oneself, gaining invaluable real-life advice and insider tips and tricks on the craft.

Jenny has an incredible Integration Workshop video available on The Curate Marketplace. 

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