The Curate Marketplace Presents: J Schwanke

By Ryan O'Neil

J Schwanke is the creator of, the first online community for "Everything Flowers” with over 1800 Tutorial Videos for arranging flowers, 65 Flower Farm Documentaries, Flowers 101 and J's Blog- the Flower Stand. As one of the most trusted voices in the Flower Industry, J continually shares his expertise in mechanics, flower care and handling, design schematics, tips, tricks and techniques. He is the host of the web-based TV series "JTV" (2006-2012) and "Fun with Flowers and J" (2012-present), award winning author, trend forecaster, and Host of “J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom,” a flower lifestyle television show on public television.

"My favorite thing about the flower industry is that I love flowers and enjoy empowering others with flowers! Whether it's mechanics, care and handling, valuable resources, or profitable practices, I’m dedicated to sharing my expertise for everything flowers!"

J has Cozy, Depth, and Legendary Trend Videos available on The Curate Marketplace with many more resources on the way!
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