The Curate Marketplace Presents: Amy Balsters

By Ryan O'Neil

Amy Balsters is a passionate floral design educator with vast industry experience spanning two decades in retail floristry and special events. She has worked in many facets of the industry but her expertise as a professional freelance designer and running her special events floral design company, Amy Nicole Floral since 2012 have been her favorite roles until now. Amy found her true calling blending flowers and education and now primarily teaches, trains and consult floral designers across the country through private and group workshops.

Her favorite thing about the industry is the people. She love flowers so much and always has, but "the people are really where the purpose is." She loves watching others gain confidence, become more proficient, profitable and overall happier with their work and selves!

She thinks one of the biggest shift in the industry is flower origin and sustainability in design. She believes we can make beauty and also protect our resources. More florists are paying attention to where their flowers are coming from, how and where they were grown and all that encompasses that. She also sees a shift in how to minimize our footprint by changing how we approach our mechanics and overall designs and processes.


Amy has a free boutonniere video available on The Curate Marketplace in which she explains her approach to selecting ideal materials for boutonnieres, how to prepare the ingredients and how she designs them for interest and impact.



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