Stop Giving Flowers To Your Momma

By Ryan ONeil

"What did I do with my leftover Valentine's Day flowers? I made an arrangement for my Momma threw the rest away."

Every time the Curate team talks to a florist, we ask them how they manage their leftover flowers and we often hear a statement like this one that makes us cringe because we believe that moms everywhere deserve better than leftover flowers from the Valentine's Day rush.

Stop Giving Flowers To Your Momma

If you're a retail florist, you can probably make up some of the difference in post-Valentine's Day sales but event florists have two options for their leftover flowers: give or throw them away.

The reality is that florists consistently over order flowers because they lack a way to see how their floral recipes mesh with their wholesaler's bunch count.

Consider this: before using Curate, florists reported throwing out an average of 9.31% of their revenue in wasted product per event.

There is a better way to manage your waste than giving your profits to your momma or throwing them into the trash.

With Curate, those same florists reported an average of 10% increase in revenue because they have the tools to minimize their waste. 

With the additional income generated by minimizing wasted product, each of those florists can now give their mom the beautiful arrangement she deserves instead of one that was only an after thought.

Stop Giving Flowers To Your Momma


Curate is a floral software for event florists that helps them create easy recipes that project accurate pricing for each arrangement and installation and then turns those recipes into a perfect order for your wholesaler.

Curate even allows you to merge multiple events into a single order so you can minimize floral waste and give your mom the beautiful, thoughtful bouquet she deserves.


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