6 Ways to Share Curate and Earn Additional Money This Month

By Ryan O'Neil

CurateShares is our wonderful affiliate program that allows Curate users and partners to give their friends 20% off their first year and receive a thank you gift of $100. By far, the number one question we receive about CurateShares is "How can I share my link most effectively (and get more thank you money)?" So here are six quick ideas for you:

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1) Facebook Groups. Every industry Facebook group has people asking for the best software for event professionals. Add your voice to the conversation with a comment like "I love Curate because (insert why you love Curate) and right now you can get up to 20% off your first year. Just fill out this form and the awesome Curate team will help you figure out the best solution for your company. (Insert link)"

2) Instagram Stories. Video is king these days. So share a video on your Instagram story that tells everyone how Curate has transformed your business. Then offer them a link to sign up for a consultation to see what works for them. Be sure to tag us @Curate and we'll share your story!

3) Write an article. The wedding and event industry is needing more people to focus on continuing education and present best practices for business owners. As a Curator, you already know that one of the best practices that many neglect is having a great software to automate the most time consuming parts. So write an article about how Curate has changed your life (and your business) and share your link with your audience.

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4) Youtube. Take your viewers through a quick walkthrough of how you use Curate and how it has transformed your company. You can have your link pop up at key times throughout the video so that they have multiple opportunities to sign up for a consultation.

5) Blog Post Comments. Do you have a favorite industry blog you follow? Chances are there are a ton of other people just like you who are looking to transform their businesses. So drop a comment on your favorite articles with a message that compels them to click your link.

6) Text Message. Once you've created your unique link, send it to all of your friends in the wedding and event industry. They've probably already heard about how your favorite software has made your business better but now they have a chance to sign up at an awesome price!


Note: During April 2019, we're doubling our thank you gift for friends who fill out the form on your CurateShares link AND extending a special offer to your friends who want to sign up for a monthly plan.

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