These florists had families but were stuck knee deep in spreadsheets.

Rachel and Lauren would much rather have been designing or posting on Instagram about their business, but were stuck with chicken-scratch and spreadsheet. Until they found Stemcounter by Curate. Curate helps you to price for a profit, accurately order, and save 75% of your wasted administrative time on wholesaler orders by allowing you to combine flowers from multiple events into one wholesaler order, split your order between multiple wholesalers, and even send your order to your wholesaler directly from the software!

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Proposals your Clients can Digitally Pay and Sign
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Split Order Between Multiple Wholesalers
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View Breakdown of Events by Wholesaler

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Create Complete List of Rentals for Entire Weekend

Oh! We're Blushing!

Managing a shop plus designing for weddings is a full work load (and then some). Writing proposals, coming up with recipes, and making excel sheets is not fun or profitable. The time saves me on estimates, proposal writing, and figuring out excel is priceless. The "shopping" option is a game changer alone! I am so excited that this software creates less stress in my life and what used to be so hard is now it almost effortless!

Natalie McLain

April's Garden - Durango, CO

There are so many details in weddings and anyone who isn’t precise in the event details is hurting their business. Immediately after signing up for the trial I could see that Stemcounter is an incredible way to efficiently run your weddings.

Michael Doyle

Lynn Doyle Weddings and Events - Memphis, TN

Thanks for all the love!