Stemcounter Startup vs. Stemcounter Studio

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We launched the Stemcounter Studio plan in April 2017 in response to florists who loved how the Stemcounter Startup plan helped them run their events with ease but were having to pay for other tools to help manage everything going on in their studio. Stemcounter Studio obviously has some fantastic features and has many more to come but not everyone is at a place where they need an orders tab to merge multiple lists for wholesalers or a reports feature to generate tax reports and more.

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So which plan is right for you? That largely depends on who you are and what your goals are.

Who are you?
Are you just getting started in the wedding florist industry? Is your shop still relatively small? Are you only doing a handful of more intimate weddings/events each year? Is saving time on administrative tasks the biggest priority for you?  Stemcounter Startup is for you!

Or are you an established business? Do you have multiple shops or separate branches for different types of events? Are you doing an average of at least 20 events per year? Do you need multiple people to login from their own account? There isn't a better software to help more established florists than Stemcounter Studio AND we support up to three separate users per shop!

What are your goals?
Are you looking for a florist software that can create custom, beautiful proposals in a jiffy? How about having the ability to stem count insanely quick from customized libraries? Create an easy-peasy shopping list for your wholesaler for each event? Create recipe sheets to help your team execute an event perfectly? How about processing payments and accepting digital signatures on your proposals? Stemcounter Startup has you covered with all of this.

Now, for the trickier part. Is brand integration important to you when using Stemcounter in a consultation with a client? How about being able to see your calendar of events without flipping to another app? Are you looking for the ability to easily see how much in taxes you need to set aside? Or do you want to merge multiple shopping lists together to send a single order to your wholesaler? Do you need help tagging your events to better maintain your pipeline? Do you want end to end control over your customer's experience with your company? If you said yes to any of these, we highly recommend Stemcounter Studio.

The Final Decision

It's ultimately up to you. Stemcounter Startup is a cost-efficient way to provide the core functionality that a florist needs but isn't perfect for helping with the business end of things. On the other hand, Stemcounter Studio's features eliminate the need for many other softwares and manual processes while also covering that core functionality.

Here's our latest walk-through of Stemcounter Studio's features:



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