Curate Floral Software Walk-through

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Curate Floral Software Walk-through

Grab the popcorn! We've got a brand-new, thrilling walk-through video that will highlight some of the features you expect in a floral software! We're always working on new features and updates with the program to make your weddings and events more efficient and with less waste in time and resources. It's how a floral software should work! Here are a few of the major updated features since the last video:
  1. Ability to version proposals
  2. Accept payments online
  3. Option for Invoice view
  4. Up to 8 photos on each line
  5. Link photos to library items
  6. Email proposals and receipts
  7. Brand new user interface
  8. Multilpe recipes on a single line item
  9. Simplified payments section
  10. Digital Signatures
  11. New order setup
  12. Send your order directly to Mayesh or your wholesaler
  13. Shopping List breakdown
  14. Notifications of signed or paid events
  15. Proposal Add-ons
  16. Drag and drop photos directly from Pinterest or your desktop
  17. Mayesh Flower Photo Library Integration
  18. Quickbooks Integration
  19. Shopping List breakdown section
  20. Toggle payment section on / off 

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